Monday, September 30, 2013

Out of Context 3

Take three of the amusing times the screencap button can provide. Screencaps this time are from Hyouko, Guilty Crown, and Hanasaka no Iroha.

Better not finish that bite!
Good question :'something_is_fishy'_mean
Best Disguise EVAR!
Nice Shell!
Prison Break!
A rather unique torture method to be sure.
Come on... Gangster style? Everyone knows that doesn't work!
Hey suicide is a lot harder than you think!
I'm laughing too hard to caption this. Oh I love this show!


If you don't know who catbug is...

Moving on,

I decided Catbug would make an adorable plush. I was a bit lazy this time and used a pattern someone else had made.

I used black, red, and light blue fleece to make up the body. The black was used for the spots on his back (half cat half ladybug).

However I was not satisfied with the face they had designed so I determined I would go the extra mile and hand embroider the face on. That was a bit tricky. I sewed up the body first and used a new clever product I had never heard of before : Water soluble canvas. A cross stitching embroidery backing that dissolves in water once you are done. Crazy. Below is the finished face.

He ended up being pretty adorable, but he suffers from my hubris in thinking I didn't need to follow the alignment markings on the patterns. To my surprise those matter a great deal. Good to know. Next time I use a pattern I will be sure to pay attention to the details. Below are a few more pictures. Isn't he adorable! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Screencap Review : Evangelion 3.33

So... This movie... wow... I'll let the captions do the talking.
There is a missing 14 years of footage between 2.22 and 3.33. It shows.

The world is dying!... again!

Starting to get really upset about the lack of exposition, and who decided on that eyepatch anyways?
Friends don't let friends explain things symbolically...
So in summary... very pretty WTF action. Also the entire movie could have been avoided by having the supporting characters spend about 40 seconds of their free time explaining the situation to Shinji in the beginning.

Also would it kill them to not treat like dirt the person with the capability of destroying the earth?
Who also wants to be their friend?
Who also has a tendency to do anything for the first person to treat him decently?
Also this hate being displayed towards the main character... didn't you cheer him on at the end of the last movie and witness his innocence to the things you are hating on him for?

Perhaps the missing 14 years sheds a bit of light on the situation but that footage is conveniently missing.

All in all I enjoyed the film (it was really pretty), but character development was non-existent compared to the previous movies. I'm also curious to see where they are taking the story now that they are 14 years in the future. I guess I'll see when the last movie comes out.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Out of Context 2

Alright so my stockpile of screenshots is building up so I decided I would have another out of context post. 

These ones come from a show called "My Ordinary Life" I'm not sure how to describe it other than... the opposite of ordinary life.

When a show opens like this there's a good chance its a Michael Bay film
Nah It looks like she blew a fuse somewhere
Yeah I hate it when that happens
Epic squid snatch!
You tell them
And I thought it was hot over here
Hey no bazookas in the classroom!
Behind you!
Matching expressions
You found me out
I hope you had fun. I certainly did. There will probably be another couple of posts based on this show... it makes it easy to find out of context moments.

Tiger Lilies

My wife always beats me to these kind of posts, but I had some beautiful pictures sitting around.

When we moved into our new home there were many plants in our planters that we did not recognize. To our delight many of them turned out to be Tiger Lilies. They are incredibly beautiful flowers.

Its been wonderful to see these beautiful flowers decorating our home. I'll definitely be trying to keep these alive. We'll see how well that works.